How To Find Eventing Or Show Jumping Insurance Companies

showjumpingDo you own a horse? Is your horse ready to enter into Eventing or Show jumping? In case your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Before you enter into the horse show, you must be aware of the consequences and related losses that may occur. Have you ever thought of your horse being injured on the show? In case of such an accident for you, which kind of insurance will you take? Life Insurance, Medical Insurance or Accident Insurance, Obviously it is Accident Insurance. What are you going to do for your horse? Which kind insurance plan are you going to take? You are right “The Accident Insurance”. But in the case of a horse that is Eventing or Show jumping insurance. Why do we go for such a kind of Insurance? It is because the normal medical insurance will only cover the medical illness and it will not cover up the injuries caused in the Eventing or Show jumping. There are lots of Eventing insurance companies that have come up with special plans to protect your horse from such consequences and recover you from the loss.

Okay, you are now ready to take insurance for Eventing or Show jumping. Are you going to take an Eventing insurance or Show jumping insurance? Yes, you must be aware of which kind of insurance you are going to take for your horse. Because, if you are taking an Eventing insurance and you are claiming for insurance caused in Show jumping, then it would not cover. Here, in this case of participating in both then you can take a plan that covers both.

You must know that, not all insurance company brings you the same plan. Every Show jumping insurance company has several plans. Basically, all Eventing insurance company has the following types of covers,

  1. Veterinary fees that would cover injuries and diseases during the policy period
  2. Mortality insurance in case of your horse dies only under particular way (Death of horse should meet the circumstances that are mentioned in the policy)
  3. Full loss that would cover up accident, injury, illness or disease
  4. Other covers like personal accident, theft of horsebox etc., which may be covered under a household policy

It is not that easy to select an Eventing insurance company for your horse. Before selecting the company and plan you must know a few things in common like policy, coverage of the insurance and claiming the insurance. You must be aware of what is included and what is not included in the policy. You must ask the following questions to them before choosing the best plan for your horse.

  1. What amount you have to pay in excess apart from the plan you choose, in case of any loss?
  2. Up to what age your horse is covered under that particular plan?
  3. Is there any limit to the amount you can claim under any circumstance?